Medical College, Pune

Specialty Services

Broad Specialty Specialty Clinics Time
Medicine Cardiology -Monday, Wednesday Friday
Nephrology- Thursday
Neurology- Monday Tuesday
2-4 pm
Radiology Foetal Anamoly scan clinic-every Tuesday Thursday 2-4 pm
T.B. and Chest Asthma Clinic - Thursday
Smoking Cessation Clinic- Monday
2-4 pm
Dermatology Psoriasis , Vitiligo, Leprosy, STD-All once in a month - every Friday 2-4 pm
Psychiatry CGC-Thursday/Friday, 
Psychosomatic disorders-Wednesday 
Students counseling-Daily 24 hours.
2-4 pm
Surgery Endoscopy- Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Reconstructive surgery -Friday
Breast clinic- Wednesday Friday
Urology- Monday Thursday
Colo-rectal surgery - Wednesday Thursday 
Neurosurgery Paediatric surgery- Daily as per requirement
2-4 pm
Orthopedics Hand Clinic - Microvascular 
Brachial plexus injury 
Sports medicine clinics - Arthroscopy clinic once 
Spine clinic in a Arthritis clinic week
Osteoporotic clinic
2-4 pm
E.N.T. Facial Reconstructive Surgery - Wednesday
Head Neck Cancer Detection - Monday
Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy - Thursday
2-4 pm
Ophthalmology Retina and Glaucoma- Wednesday 2-4 pm
Anesthesia Pre anesthesia clinic -daily, 
Pain clinic-once a week , 
Labour analgesia clinic- as and when required
2-4 pm
Obstetrics Gynecology (Deliveries included) Infertility clinic, Cancer detection clinic, Postnatal clinic, Family welfare clinic, Well women clinic, Amenorrhoea clinic, High risk clinic, Garbh sanskar 2-4 pm
Pediatrics Epilepsy- Tuesday and Friday
High Risk Neonatology -Wednesday and Saturday
Paediatric Orthopaedic -Wednesday
Paediatric Endocrinology-Friday
Nephrology and Haemato-oncology- Friday
2-4 pm
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