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Students Cell

Foreign student and NRI student cell

The NRI and foreign students cell was formed in August 2007. in response to the letter from Ministry of External affairs.
The following information regarding the students is collected as per guidelines :
  • Place of birth and nationality.
  • Validity of passport
  • Validity of Visa.
  • Special endorsements in the visa if any.
  • Instruct students to inform college regarding change of address.
  • Inform immediately about foreign students misbehaviour or illegal activities.
  • Bonafide certificate in enclosed format for each student.
Total Number of NRI students 33. and total Number of Foregin students 27 Meetings are held quarterly and some of the important points discussed in the meeting are as follows.

Important points discussed are:

1) Student attendance – Emphasis is laid on the attendance of the students and a monthly review of their attendance is carried out. If the attendance is not satisfactory the student is called and counseled. The parents/guardians of the student is also informed. 

2) Most of the students are doing well in their academics. They find the curriculum and teaching extremely satisfactory and at par with the curriculum in most of the other countries. They find the faculty of this institute very helpful and they are willing to listen to them and help them solve their problems.

3) Some of the students have problems adjusting to our examination pattern as they are used to MCQ pattern and short answer question pattern only. However they are given practice tests at regular intervals which help them cope with this problem .
  • Accomodation
  • Food
  • Language
  • Relationship with other students
  • Culture
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