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Medical College, Pune
Continuing Medical Education
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Students Activities


There is a separate play ground for outdoor games. A Gymnasium and facilities for indoor games are available. Participation in sports competition like basketball, volleyball, cricket, football, badminton, table tennis and chess etc. at intercollegiate, university and inter university level is highly encouraged.

Cultural Activities

College Magazine

Inauguration – College Magazine - Principal – Dr. Saoji & Vice- Principal – Dr. Lalwani

Creativity is the starting point of many inventions. The college publishes an annual magazine called “ELIXIR” that provides a medium for all creative minds.
“Elixir Team” Dr.M.D. Karmarkar - Staff Advisor with The Magazine Editorial Board

There is a separate magazine committee with students serving on the editorial board. Students are encouraged to contribute articles under various sections and in different languages (Hindi, Marathi and English).


The institute provides academic and personal counseling of the students.

i) The ward-teacher programme - was started to improve the communication between the students and teachers. Each teacher is responsible for 10 undergraduate students. The post graduate teachers function as ward teachers of their students. The students approach the teacher in case of any difficulty regarding his/her personal problems, health and academic problems. The ward- teacher programme enables students to overcome the difficulties faced by them during initial adjustment period as well as throughout the course of study.
If and when the need arises, the teacher can refer the ward to the “counseling cell”.
ii) Counseling cell:
We have a system of having an academic incharge for preclinical - I MBBS, paraclinical - IIMBBS and clinical - IIIMBBS batches. The respective academic incharge receives the inputs about the performance and attendance of concerned students. Letters are sent by these academic in charge to parents of students having poor performance and / or unsatisfactory attendance. Counselling sessions are held between heads of the department and such parents to sort out academic and even non-academic problems that the students may have. The other staff members of the department also get involved in this counseling process. Freshers' Orientation Programme was organized for the newly admitted Ist semester students be. The main focus was on students. Objective of the programme was to make these new entrants comfortable in the new environment and help them adjust to the demands of the totally new study curriculum. The topics addressed were:
    1. Learning
    2. How Medical curriculum / studies differ from 10+2
    3. Effective habits for Effective learning including self learning.
    4. Pattern of Teaching Learning sessions in Medical Curriculum
    5. How to make the most of these teaching learning sessions
    6. Stress management
    7. Time Management
Orientation programme for UG students for semester III was organized to make them well oriented to hospital before their clinical posting with the objective of preparing these students for their first patient interaction. The programme focussed on topics of clinical relevance like
    1.Do's and Don'ts in a clinical Set up
    2.Study skills with emphasis on bedside clinics
    3.Stress Management
    4.Time Management

Grievance cell came into existence from the year 2000. Since then, it is active in sorting out various grievances from medical students, staff members, patients, patients’ relatives that are related to B.V.U.M.C. and Bharati Hospital.


  1. To frame out the grievances from the basic unit consisting of students, patients, faculty members, technical and administrative staff members.
  2. To take the decisions regarding finding out the solutions to many of them or to submit it to the higher authorities for further action.


  1. The committee looks after the grievances on two platforms viz. college and the hospital.
  2. The Medical Director of the hospital caters to the patients and working staff of the hospital.
  3. The Chairman and the members look after the grievances of medical students as well as faculty members. Minor grievances are solved at the individual level if possible and others are referred to the Principal and higher authorities for necessary action.
  4. The office superintendent of the medical college looks into the grievances of office and non-teaching staff of the college.
  5. Meetings of the committee are held on the first Tuesday of August, December and April of every academic year.


  1. Suggestion / Complaint boxes have been kept in the college as well as hospital premises at various locations.
  2. The medical students can approach the teachers or any of the members directly.
  3. A Public Relation Officer has also been appointed in the hospital, who can be approached by the patients or their relatives during office hours. The CMO looks after grievances after office hours. Both of them try and solve minor issues or if needed refer them to the committee members or medical director.
  4. The suggestions from other committees like counseling cell, Alumni associations are also taken.
  5. In the periodic meeting of the cell, members discuss the grievances and try to find some solution or refer the matter to the Principal.

Anti Sexual Harassment Cell

Anti Sexual Harassment Cell of BVU Medical College and Hospital was established in January 2008 as per the judgment of the Supreme Court. Since then it has been active in addressing issues related to sexual harassment amongst the students (UG and PG), teaching and non teaching staff of the college and hospital.

Anti Ragging Committee

To curb the possibility of an event of ragging , Anti ragging committee was formed. Anti ragging regulations are displayed at various sites like college, canteen, mess, hospital, library. Counseling of students and parents at the time of admission and interaction between freshers and seniors are also done.
The medical college implements guidelines framed by MCI to curb the menace of ragging in medical colleges. For further details visit: www.mciindia.org
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