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Research and Publications Overview

Medical Colleges are the places where learning is sacred. Learning also means growth. For growth in any field, research is a must. Who are better suited for research than professors with years of practical experience and eager students wanting to learn everything? This combination helps Medical Colleges ensure that they stay at the cutting edge of advancements in the medical field and at the same time contribute to this advancement by doing original research. 

The importance research activity was identified by the Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College since its establishment in the year 1989. Since then BVUMC has given priority to improve research related activities within the campus. It is for this reason that an independent research unit IRSHA – Interactive Research School in Health Affairs was established. IRSHA has been specially established for promotion, development and coordination of various research activities. Main agenda of IRSHA is to collaborate research of various disciplines within BVUMC as well as with external research institute like NCL and other international universities.

BVUMC has provided an excellent platform not only for UG and PG students but also to its faculty members to participate in research activities. UG students are assigned projects in small groups by department of Community Medicine. PG students are given broad areas of topic for research which helps to create and promote research aptitude. Faculty members of various departments are encouraged to present scientific research papers at various national and international conferences.

The research society of BVUMC is authorized for funding important  research projects. Similarly the research committee at the university level is also entitled for funding various research projects.

The Research Society of BVUMC was established to encourage the idea of research among the faculties of all the disciplines and the students to undertake more research projects. 

Teachers are given special study leave for research purpose along with seed money for their project from B.V. University. Students are given financial support in the form of ICMR scholarship along with all possible help to use college and hospital resources required to carry out the project.

There have been a number of publications at both International and National level from the college staff. A number of staff members and students have presented their work in various national and international conferences. Many of the faculty members are invited as guest speakers and to deliver key note address at the major knowledge events. The college has received more than Rs. five crores in grants from various national and international agencies for carrying out research.

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