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Medical College, Pune
Continuing Medical Education
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Operation Theatre

There is a state of art OT complex located on the third floor of hospital with 13 operating rooms. This ultra modern facility caters to General Surgery, Orthopaedics, and super specialties like Neurosurgery, Laparoscopic surgeries etc.

  1. All OTs are centrally air conditioned with AHU, HEPA filters, multi-para monitors, and cardiac monitors and with all the modern gadgets for patient safety.  Main O.T complex has 9 suits with epoxy coating and monolithic self leveling polyurethane floor.
  2. Five theaters are 0.3 micro Hepa filter theaters.
  3. The O.T complex has a total of 10 ultra-modern Boyle’s apparatuses.
  4. 2 defibrillators and Central Sterilization Department [ CSSD ].
  5. The CSSD has 5 horizontal 5X 2 X 2 autoclaves, instrument washers, instrument dryer, washing machine, ultrasonic cleaner, compressed air with segregation of wet area, dry area, packing, loading area, unloading area, sterile store, CSSD manager room and issuing counter.
  6. The facility of CCTV is available for demonstration of live operative procedures for students. The students can interact and get their queries answered by discussion with the operating surgeon.
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