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Medical College, Pune
Continuing Medical Education
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Facilities for Staff

The Medical College considers its “Staff” as its most important asset and strives for its well-being. There are several schemes devised and implemented for the welfare of the staff members. 

The Bharati Vidyapeeth Health Scheme (B.V.H.S.) ensures that all the staff members (Teaching and Non-Teaching) can avail the investigative, diagnostic and treatment facilities; howsoever costly they may be, at Bharati Hospital. A nominal amount is deducted from the salary for this purpose and all the above facilities are given free of cost.

The Sevak Kalyan Nidhi (S.K.N.) is another such welfare scheme implemented specially for the non-teaching staff. It helps them in their needs such as education of their children, housing loans etc.

Computers and Internet have become the most vital and essential part of day-to-day functioning. A fast speed Internet facility is provided in every department and a multi-terminal digital library is set up in the college building. The staff can access almost all indexed journals and various textbooks and they need not spend a large amount for subscription to these journals. This helps them to update their knowledge, send their research articles and also find references. The digital library staff is available full time for any assistance.

Research and up gradation of knowledge is a priority in the college. Funding is given to the staff members to attend conferences, workshops and training programmes. The staff is encouraged to actively participate in them, present their work and have interaction with authorities in their respective subjects. The college organizes several surgical workshops every year wherein reputed surgeons from India and abroad train the faculty members and improve their surgical skills. A state of art research facility – IRSHA – exists in the college campus and every help is given to each and every staff member desirous of carrying out research.

Besides the curricular activities, the staff meets informally at various get together events organized by the college on the occasion of research society conference or university foundation day.

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